Learn Online at Your Own Pace

Start Programming from Day One with our Unique Online Methodology

From the day you begin, you’ll start programming, working through simple examples, and learning by doing as you go. All of our courses are presented online and let you set your own pace, with no class schedules to keep. Enroll in a course at any time, and finish it as quickly as you like.

You’ll experience our exclusive online learning method, called useractive learning, in which you actively engage in creating code and building projects as the material is presented. We avoid presentational videos and simulations, and instead offer tutorial-style content for better retention.

You’ll work in our unique Learning Sandbox™, where you will have permission to experiment, make mistakes, and learn from those mistakes. As you progress, you’ll build more and more complex programs or system administration tasks. Your dedicated instructor will guide you through, step by step, until you master each learning objective.

Your skills will be reinforced as you complete increasingly challenging projects and open-ended quizzes for evaluation. Your instructor will return your work to you with suggestions for revision and improvement, until you have gained a thorough grasp of the concepts. Once you have mastered each area, you’ll move on to the next step in the course, building on what you’ve learned.

You’ll continue to make progress in this way until you’re ready to apply your skills beyond your coursework. When you arrive at that point, you will have built an online professional portfolio that you can keep and share proudly with an employer – even after you’ve completed your O’Reilly School course or IT certificate. Your portfolio can serve as a complement to your resume, or to use later as a reference tool when you want to brush up your skills.