Your IT Career in a Changing World

For those pursuing a professional IT career, the only constant is change.  This paradox is one reason we take an interest in the career progression of our students and graduates. In a changing IT world, if you’re just marking time, you’re falling behind.

We also have an interest in the overall job satisfaction of our students. We believe it is not enough to know that we have trained them well. We would also like to help each student get ahead in his or her IT career and be prepared for whatever comes next.

Welcome to Our IT Career Help Center

That’s why we have decided to offer our students and graduates some tips and techniques to prepare for future opportunities. These career services offerings consist mainly of ideas, tactics, and resources to digest and use at the appropriate moments in their working lives.  We have broken them up into several categories, for ease of reference.  For more details, please click on one of these areas:

  • Staying Current in Your IT Career — How to stay up with the changing world of IT by keeping yourself up to date in your chosen field of expertise.
  • Positioning for a Promotion — Planning to stay put, but would like to move up?  Take a look at the tips we offer in this section.
  • Preparing for a Job Search — Ready to make a move elsewhere?  Maybe some of these job search techniques will help you smooth the process of finding a great new position.

Please return to these resources often to check for the additions, updates, and revisions we plan to post here in the near future.