One on One Online Instruction

Our Dedicated Instructors Guide You without Lectures or Grades

Second to you, the most important participant in each online course is your instructor, who guides you with feedback, motivation, and encouragement throughout your journey. Each O’Reilly School instructor is highly qualified and serves as a personal tutor or coach, who thoroughly evaluates your quizzes and projects, and helps you with any questions or problems you may have. You will keep in email contact with your instructor throughout each course, and you’ll receive timely feedback from him or her after submitting each assignment.

We believe that mastering new skills, and not earning grades, is what qualifies IT professionals to advance their careers.  As a matter of fact, we don’t issue any grades at all.  Instead, our instructors make sure you are proficient in every concept and task assigned, before you move on to the next lesson.

All our instructors are well versed in distance education and coaching using this proficiency methodology.  Instead of lecturing at you, they use our innovative online system to evaluate assignments and communicate with students. This advanced learning platform prevents technology from overshadowing what’s most important – you and the development of your skills.

In fact, we carefully examine and monitor every aspect of our unique learning methodology – including instructor qualifications, training, tools, and evaluation methods – in order to meet these key goals:

Work with a person who knows you

At O’Reilly School, you are assigned one instructor who coaches you throughout your course, and often an entire Certificate Program. You can have daily contact with him or her, if you so choose. Your instructor will be the only person evaluating your assignments and communicating with you about your coursework. By interacting with one person, you are able to build a real relationship with someone who is familiar with you and your individual ability.  In course completion surveys, students have consistently cited their instructor relationship as one of the best aspects of their O’Reilly School experience.

Master the material

Our courses are set up using a unit mastery model that incorporates formative assessment to create a dialog between you and your instructor. In this way, you will receive helpful feedback on your assignments to improve your work until you have a clear understanding of the concept. This means that, rather than multiple-choice questions or canned-answer evaluations, you are asked for full explanations of your solutions, in your own voice. This method allows you to complete projects in ways that reflect your individual, problem-solving methods. Once you pass an assignment, you will have completely mastered the lesson and laid a foundation on which to add the next lesson’s skills.

Enjoy learning

Children learn by playing, creating, and making mistakes, and they have fun doing so. At O’Reilly School, by making you an active player in the process of discovery, practice, and creation, we hope to bring back to you some of that childhood joy of learning, while improving your career skills in a way that enhances retention and encourages immediate application of the knowledge you gain.  And maybe, just maybe, you’ll have some fun.