Code in Our Online Learning Sandbox™

O’Reilly School’s Real-World Integrated Development Environments

Your learning and coding takes place in our proprietary Learning Sandbox™ integrated development environments, or IDEs. These real-world, easy-to-use programming environments allow you to learn code by actually coding and building projects. They allow you to complete lessons, experiment with examples, and build an IT portfolio of your work – all in the same platform. There you will monitor your progress, communicate with your instructor, submit all quizzes and projects, see your instructor’s feedback, and master your assignments.

Currently, our Learning Sandboxes include the CodeRunner™ IDE, used for most open-source languages and system administration; our Eclipse-based Ellipse™ IDE, used for Java, Python, and DBA technologies; and our special Microsoft Visual Studio Sandbox, used for C# and .NET courses.

We have created these robust, cutting-edge platforms with these goals in mind:

Learn using the real thing

You become an active participant in your own education the minute you register for an O’Reilly School course. We do not utilize passive learning devices like videos and textbooks. Instead, we provision your Learning Sandbox account with the actual technology and supplemental learning tools you need to complete the course. You’ll work in a real-world programming environment, creating practical projects for your own professional portfolio, while gaining job-ready IT skills to help you boost your career.

Get a fast start

Your Learning Sandbox account is created the moment you enroll in a course. This account contains all of the course content and tools you need in or order to start learning and programming immediately. There is no need to purchase books or install and configure software on your machine.

Learn anytime

When you enroll in O’Reilly School, you are given 24-hour access to your coursework, your Learning Sandbox account, and all the technologies and tools you’ll need. You can hand in assignments or ask questions at any time, and your instructor will get back to you as soon as possible. There is no need for you to work around any schedule other than your own.

Learn anywhere

Because our Learning Sandboxes are entirely web-based, you can log in from any browser. There’s no extra software to download. All your files and coursework are stored in your account on our cloud-based network, to be accessed or downloaded, if you prefer.

Be platform independent

We strive to make our IDE technologies usable on any common computer platform. For example, Windows-based programming projects can be built on a Mac, and Linux system administration can be practiced on a Windows machine. There is no need for you to manage external software or shuffle files between computers.