Why Enroll with O’Reilly School of Technology?

Good question. Why should you spend your hard-earned dollars (or your company’s funds) on an online course or certificate program from O’Reilly School? What student advantages set us apart from other schools? Here are several:

Your Schedule, Your Way – All courses are offered online, so you can progress at your own pace in your own home or office – no campus classes to attend. We believe total comprehension occurs with hands-on experience – not from reading books, listening to lectures, or watching instructional videos. Our unique methodology, which we call useractive learning, actively engages students in coding and building projects as the material is being presented. You’ll start programming in Lesson One.

Learn by Making – You’ll use our proprietary Learning Sandbox™ — a real-world environment for learning and programming development. There you’ll learn by making code, progressing through lessons, exercises and projects, and storing your work – all in one platform. No other school offers integrated developmental environments that are so student friendly.

One-on-One Instruction – Your instructor acts like a tutor or coach, who evaluates your work, answers questions, and helps you when you’re stuck. None of your work will ever be graded by machine – in fact, we don’t issue grades at all. In our proficiency-based learning model, you will work on your projects until you have shown that you have mastered each lesson.

Affordable Tuition – You’ll find our tuition prices lower than most other schools, especially compared to most colleges and universities.

Backed by O’Reilly Media – Every certificate we award is sponsored by our parent company, O’Reilly Media – known as the IT industry’s catalyst and advocate for innovation.

Benefits for IT Managers – We can help IT managers maximize their employees’ skills, while minimizing their time and budget investment.

When you add it all up, our courses and certificate programs are truly unique, and we believe we offer the best IT education available at a reasonable cost.