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Students Learn Job-Ready Skills Online in Real-World Programming Environments

As an IT manager, you need to maximize your employees’ skills, while minimizing your time and budget investment. Conference-style seminars can provide short-term training, but are expensive and easily forgotten. Online courses can be inexpensive, yet restrictive—and often are no more effective than books. Without real, ongoing practice and instructor feedback on the actual technology being learned, employees find themselves starting at zero again when faced with applying new technology skills in the workplace.

Benefits of Faster Expertise and Better Skills Retention

To obtain on-the-job skills that you, the manager, can use, your employees don’t need to memorize every library function in a technology. They need someone to help them get started, to step them through the basics until they feel comfortable enough with their own skills to apply them to solving real problems. They need to practice and make plenty of mistakes before ever touching a mission-critical project. Such skills are gained only through real experience and feedback.

Through our unique methodology, this is exactly what your employees will get. Every student is given access to real programming environments or root systems, through a lab account provided together with practice-based lesson content in our Learning Sandbox. Your employees can practice anytime, anywhere, 24 hours a day. They’ll have one-on-one support from their Instructor for detailed feedback on projects and help whenever they need it

The result is faster expertise and better skills retention, benefiting you and your company’s investment. Additionally, course completion results Certificates of Professional Development, contributing to a valuable HR benefit to your employees.

Purchasing Flexibility

We understand that HR and Training Managers have special needs when it comes to purchasing training for their employees. We’ll work with you personally to customize a plan that optimizes both your time and your budget.

  • If you’re paying for or reimbursing individual employees, each employee can register online and choose either an invoice or credit card option with receipt. In each case, a dynamic, printable invoice or receipt is generated, and a Purchase Order number can be added at any time to fulfill your Accounts Payable department requirements.
  • If you want to enroll several students at once, contact us and we can do that for you. Bulk discounts are also available, starting at 10 course enrollments.
  • Need to use your budget now, but your employees can’t start until later? We can arrange for prepaid training that you can redeem for up to 1 year.
  • Need special documents, proof of enrollment, vendor forms, etc.? Just let us know—we will do everything in our power to accommodate you.