IT Programming Certificate Programs and Courses

Advance Your Career – Earn a Certificate from O’Reilly, the Advocate for IT Innovation.

O’Reilly School of Technology offers relevant, up-to-date certificate programs to let you gain valuable IT skills online. When you take an O’Reilly School of Technology course, you’ll be engaged in a real world programming environment, where you’ll learn code by making code. Your instructor will personally coach you with guidance and feedback – as you learn new skills and progress at your own pace to completion.

IT managers love our courses, because O’Reilly School of Technology students develop professional portfolios along the way that demonstrate their ability to code proficiently in the workplace. After all, it’s not a grade that counts, but the ability to program in a language efficiently and without close supervision. That’s why O’Reilly School of Technology doesn’t issue grades – we issue skilled programmers.

In fact, every O’Reilly Certificate of Professional Development we award is endorsed by O’Reilly Media, the IT industry’s catalyst and advocate for adopting innovation from alpha geeks and thought leaders.

Take a look at our certificate programs and choose the one that is best for you. Then enroll in the program (or its first course), to start gaining the skills you need to get ahead in your career.

Of course, if you’re not quite ready to decide on a certificate program, or you just want to update your current coding skills, click through from our list of individual courses below to learn about the ones that interest you. Or scroll through our IT courses by subject. You can also browse our courses sorted by skill level.


Learn More about our IT Certificate Programs

O’Reilly School of Technology currently offers the following online certificate programs:

  • Back-End Web Development Certificate:  Three courses covering beginning to intermediate topics in back-end web development.
  • C#.NET Programming Certificate Develop a comprehensive understanding of the C# language and the .NET framework.
  • Front-End Web Development Certificate This program covers website development, including HTML, CSS, JavaScript DOM, and AJAX.
  • Database Administration Certificate:  This covers SQL, DBA techniques, data warehousing, and MDX, to build, administer, and analyze large-scale database systems.
  • Java Programming Certificate:  Teaches beginning to advanced Java and object-oriented programming concepts, as well as skills using the Eclipse-based Ellipse IDE.
  • Linux Systems Administration Certificate:  Includes very beginning to advanced system administration concepts needed to build, network, maintain, and automate complex Linux or Unix based systems.
  • Open Source Programming Certificate:  Acquire the skills to use open source operating systems, languages, libraries, and databases. Covers Perl, SQL, PHP, Python, and basic Linux/Unix system administration.
  • Perl Programming Certificate:  Takes you from a beginner to an advanced level, including reusable code, creation of objects for network-based applications, and large-scale web interfaces and database applications using Perl 5.
  • PHP/SQL Programming Certificate:  Covers beginning to advanced PHP and SQL, including skills for database programming using the open-source LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) framework, advanced database theory, and Web 2.0 design patterns.
  • Python Programming Certificate:  Teaches beginning to advanced Python, using Test Driven Development, including Python scripts and applications, large-scale web interfaces and database applications.


Update Your Skills Online with Individual Courses

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