Perl 3: Advanced Perl

In this course, you will learn about Slices, Global Matching, Grep, Map, and Heterogeneous Data Structures.

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of Perl slices.
  • Obtain useful information about files and the operating system.
  • Manage and manipulate data using grep and map.
  • Perform sleight-of-hand with references, hash references, and hashes of hashes.
  • Structure and optimize data.
  • Develop full-fledged Perl programs that employ exception-handling, multidimensional arrays, and regular expressions.
  • Implement Perl one-liners using command-line options.
  • Solve the Eight Queens Problem.

Throughout your Perl education, you will learn by doing Perl-based projects and submitting them for instructor feedback.  These projects, as well as the final project, will add to your portfolio and will contribute to certificate completion. Besides a browser and Internet connection, all software is provided online by the O’Reilly School of Technology.

This course counts toward the Perl Programming Certificate Series.

Prerequisites: Perl 2: Intermediate Perl, or equivalent skills.  This course is meant for the intermediate or advanced Perl programmer.

60 Clock-hours, 4 CEUs, $448.00 (plus fees)

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Course Details and Syllabus

Course: Perl 3: Advanced Perl
Tuition: $448.00 (plus fees)
Time Frame: This course is online and self-paced. You can expect to work approximately 60 hours on this course.
Technical Requirements: As long as you have a web browser and internet connection, you can take this course from anywhere in the world.
CEUs: 4 Continuing Education Units with official letter from O’Reilly Media.
Software: The web-based Learning Sandbox® provided for you will contain all your lessons, projects, quizzes, account files, editors, and programming tools necessary to build your skills from beginning to end, even beyond coursework. In addition, you’ll be provided with a SSH account that can be accessed through the Sandbox or, if you prefer, any normal SSH program. No other software is needed.
Instructor: You will have one instructor throughout the course who will evaluate your projects and quizzes, hand them back for improvement when necessary, and coach you throughout your skills advancement.
Book: All required course materials and software are included online within the Learning Sandbox®. However, within a few weeks of enrolling, you’ll receive the e-book Perl Cookbook, Second Edition as a reference resource from O’Reilly.
Certificates: Completion of this course counts toward the four-course Perl Programming Certificate Series.
Prerequisites: Perl 2: Intermediate Perl, or equivalent skills. This course is meant for the intermediate or advanced Perl programmer.
Topics: Slices, files, grep, map, references, hashes, subroutines, data optimization, exception-handling, command-line options, arrays, regular expressions, one-liners, autovivification, data structures, etc.
  • Perl 3 Lesson 1 — Prerequisites, Review, and Slices
    • Introductions
    • Prerequisites
    • Review Topics
    • Slices
  • Perl 3 Lesson 2 — Discovering Properties of Files
    • File Test Operators
    • The stat Function
  • Perl 3 Lesson 3 — Interacting With the System
    • The Environment
    • The system Command
    • exec
    • Backticks
    • Piped Opens
  • Perl 3 Lesson 4 — Regular Expressions: Global Matches and More
    • Global Matches
    • Match and Substitution in Scalar Context
    • Match and Substitution in List Context
    • Global Matching: Scalar and List Contexts
    • Global Substitution: Scalar and List Contexts
    • Nongreedy Matching
  • Perl 3 Lesson 5 — grep() and map()
    • grep()
    • map()
  • Perl 3 Lesson 6 — Regular Expressions: More Match and Substitution Modifiers
    • The /m Modifier
    • The /s Modifier
    • The /x Modifier
    • The /e Modifier
  • Perl 3 Lesson 7 — References
    • References to Scalars
    • References to Arrays
    • Anonymous References
  • Perl 3 Lesson 8 — Hash References and Dereferencing Syntax
    • References to Named Hashes
    • Data::Dumper
    • References to Anonymous Hashes
    • Dereferencing: The Two Rules
  • Perl 3 Lesson 9 — The Arrow Operator and Multidimensional Arrays
    • The Arrow Operator
    • Lists of Lists
    • Multidimensional Arrays
    • Multidimensional Syntax Optimization
    • The Schwartzian Transform
  • Perl 3 Lesson 10 — Hashes of Hashes
    • Representing Data with Hashes of Hashes
    • Autovivification
  • Perl 3 Lesson 11 — Heterogeneous Data Structures
    • Semi-Regular Data Structures
    • Hashes of Arrays
    • Irregular Data Structures
    • Parse Trees
    • The ref() Function
    • References to Lists
  • Perl 3 Lesson 12 — References to Subroutines
    • Coderefs
    • Closures
    • Miscellaneous Code Reference Notes
  • Perl 3 Lesson 13 — Exception Handling
    • Throwing and Catching Exceptions
    • $@
    • %SIG
    • Process Signals
    • Pseudo-Signals
  • Perl 3 Lesson 14 — Processing Command-Line Options
    • Option Processing in Perl
    • Getopt::Std
    • Option Clustering
    • Getopt::Long
  • Perl 3 Lesson 15 — Final Wrap-Up
    • Putting it All Together
    • The Eight Queens Problem
    • Congratulations!

On your way to a Certificate of Professional Development:

Perl Programming Certificate

Perl 1: Introduction to Perl $448.00 (plus fees)


Perl 2: Intermediate Perl $448.00 (plus fees)


Perl 3: Advanced Perl $448.00 (plus fees)


Perl 4: Applied Perl $448.00 (plus fees)


$1,792.00 (plus fees)

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