Introduction to PHP

In this course, you will learn basic to intermediate programming aspects of PHP: hypertext preprocessor.  PHP is a versatile server-side programming language that works hand-in-hand with front-end Web languages such as HTML and JavaScript.  PHP can be used to create all types of dynamic web interfaces, and because of its open-source robustness, has become one of the most widely used programming languages for the Internet.

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Develop web applications using basic PHP elements such as delimiters, control structures, operators, variables, arrays, and functions.
  • Manipulate dates and strings using built-in PHP functions and regular expressions.
  • Debug and improve code for better reusability and scalability.
  • Create dynamic web forms using internet tools such as input , environment, and server variables, HTTP headers, and query strings.
  • Read, write, manage, and download files through PHP-based web applications.
  • Track user information using cookies and sessions.
  • Build a full-fledged shopping cart system.

From beginning to end, you will learn by doing your own PHP-based projects and submitting them for instructor feedback.  These projects, as well as the final project, will add to your portfolio and provide needed experience.  Besides a browser and internet connection, all software is provided online by the O’Reilly School of Technology.

This course counts toward the Web Programming Certificate Series, the Open Source Programming Certificate Series and the PHP/SQL Programming Certificate Series.

Prerequisites:  Introduction to HTML and CSS or equivalent skills.  This course is meant for the beginning or intermediate programmer.

90 Clock-hours

$398.00 (plus fees)

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Course Details and Syllabus

Course: Introduction to PHP
Tuition: $398.00 (plus fees)
Time Frame: This course is online and self-paced. You can expect to work approximately 90 hours on this course.
Technical Requirements: As long as you have a web browser and internet connection, you can take this course from anywhere in the world.
Software: The web-based Learning Sandbox provided for you will contain all your lessons, projects, quizzes, account files, editors, and parsing tools necessary to build your skills from beginning to end, even beyond coursework. No other software is needed.
Instructor: You will have one instructor throughout the course who will evaluate your projects and quizzes, hand them back for improvement when necessary, and coach you throughout your skills advancement.
Book: All required course materials and software are included online within the Learning Sandbox. However, within a few weeks of enrolling, you’ll receive the e-book Head First PHP & MySQL as a reference resource from O’Reilly.
Certificates: Completion of this course counts toward the Web Programming Certificate SeriesOpen Source Programming Certificate Series and the PHP/SQL Programming Certificate Series.
Prerequisites: Introduction to HTML and CSS, or equivalent HTML coding skills. This course is meant for the beginning or intermediate programmer.
Topics: Variables, Operators, Control Structures, Loops, Arrays, Strings, Environment Variables, HTML Forms & Headers, Cookies & Sessions, Files, Date & Time, Debugging, Code Reusability and Readability, etc.
  • PHP Lab 1 — Introduction
    • How to Learn using Useractive Courses
    • Understanding the Learning Sandbox
    • Top Five Reasons to Learn PHP
  • PHP Lab 2 — PHP Basics
    • PHP Delimiters and Comments
    • Variables in PHP
    • Modifying Variables and Values with Operators
  • PHP Lab 3 — Decisions
    • Comparison Operators and Conditions
    • IF and ELSE Control Structure
    • Logical Operators
  • PHP Lab 4 — Multiple Control Structures and Loops
    • Multiple Control Structures
    • WHILE and FOR Loops
  • PHP Lab 5 — PHP Functions and Variable Scopes
    • Creating Code Reusability with Functions
    • Function and Variable Scopes
    • Parameters and Return Values
    • Built-in PHP Function Libraries
  • PHP Lab 6 — Arrays
    • Creating an Array
    • Associative Arrays
    • Creating Multi-Dimensional Arrays
    • Traversing and Manipulating Arrays
    • More Built-in Functions
  • PHP Lab 7 — Strings
    • What Are Strings?
    • Manipulating Strings
    • Built-in String Functions
    • Regular Expressions
  • PHP Lab 8 — Fixing Broken PHP
    • Things That Professors Don’t Talk About Enough
    • Debugging Tips
    • Notes on Scalable Programming
  • PHP Lab 9 — Forms in PHP
    • Forms Review
    • Using Superglobals to Read Form Inputs
    • Register Globals in PHP
    • Nesting Variable Names
  • PHP Lab 10 — Utilizing Internet Tools
    • Environment and Server Variables
    • Using HTTP Headers
    • Manipulating Query Strings
    • Sending Emails
  • PHP Lab 11 — Date and Time
    • Date and Time Standards
    • Date and Time Functions
    • Some Useful Projects
  • PHP Lab 12 — Using Files
    • Including and Requiring Files
    • Reading and Writing Files
    • Allowing Users to Download Files
  • PHP Lab 13 — Cookies & Sessions
    • What Are Cookies?
    • Knowing the User Through Sessions
    • Your Own Shopping Cart

On your way to a Certificate of Professional Development:

PHP/SQL Programming Certificate

Introduction to PHP $398.00 (plus fees)


PHP/SQL 1: Introduction to Database Programming $398.00 (plus fees)


PHP/SQL 2: Relational Theory and Logical Design $398.00 (plus fees)


PHP/SQL 3: Seamless Web 2.0 Integration $398.00 (plus fees)


$1,592.00 (plus fees)

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Open Source Programming Certificate

Perl 1: Introduction to Perl $448.00 (plus fees)


Python 1: Beginning Python $548.00 (plus fees)


Linux Systems Administration: The Command Line $398.00 (plus fees)


Introduction to PHP $398.00 (plus fees)


PHP/SQL 1: Introduction to Database Programming $398.00 (plus fees)


$2,190.00 (plus fees)

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Web Programming Certificate

Introduction to HTML and CSS $448.00 (plus fees)


Modern JavaScript: An Introduction $448.00 (plus fees)


Introduction to XML $398.00 (plus fees)


Introduction to PHP $398.00 (plus fees)


PHP/SQL 1: Introduction to Database Programming $398.00 (plus fees)


Unix for Web Programming $198.00 (plus fees)


$2,288.00 (plus fees)

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