Perl Programming Certificate

The Perl Programming certificate series comprises four courses that take students from a complete beginner to an advanced level that includes use of reusable code and creation of objects for network-based applications.  All courses are delivered via the CodeRunner learning IDE and require only that you be online and able to use a browser.

Upon completion of this certificate program, you will be able to:

  • Create Perl scripts that use variables, conditionals, interpolation, arrays, lists, hashes, subroutines, loops, formatted printing, data mapping, and sorting.
  • Implement Perl scripts that work with external files.
  • Utilize regular expressions, exception handling, multiprocessing, objects, and complex data structures.
  • Develop applications that perform complex text processing, web page scraping and form handling, and database interaction.
  • Navigate third-party code in the Comprehensive Perl Archive Network (CPAN) and use it in your own applications.

Upon completion, you will have earned a Certificate of Professional Development, and you will have built large-scale web interfaces and database applications in Perl 5 that can be displayed as part of your professional portfolio.

Prerequisites: No prerequisite skills or programming experience is required.

Required Courses Clock-hours Tuition*
Perl 1: Introduction to Perl 60 $448.00
Perl 2: Intermediate Perl 60 $448.00
Perl 3: Advanced Perl 60 $448.00
Perl 4: Applied Perl 60 $448.00
Totals: 240 $1,792.00 (plus fees)

Enroll in Certificate

*An additional registration fee is charged in the amount of 20% of tuition, up to no more than $200 per transaction. For a list of all mandatory and optional fees, please see Tuition and Fees.

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