JavaScript Programming Certificate

JavaScript is one of most in-demand programming languages in today’s job market. The JavaScript Programming Certificate puts mastery of this language well within your reach, preparing you for a career as a front-end web developer.

Earn the certificate by working through three successive courses designed to take you from basic to advanced JavaScript concepts. All courses are delivered through the CodeRunner integrated development environment, which you’ll access using a standard browser over the Internet.

Graduates of the JavaScript Certificate Program will be able to:

  • Hand-code JavaScript.
  • Maintain and develop JavaScript on existing websites.
  • Use JSON to serialize data for storage in the browser or on the server.
  • Store and retrieve data using AJAX.
  • Add, change, and remove elements and style to and from a web page, dynamically.
  • Use JavaScript to retrieve and validate values entered into a form.

As a graduate of the JavaScript Certificate Program, you’ll be qualified to apply these skills in a professional setting. And to advance in your career, you can build on your knowledge with successive courses to prepare for moving into more challenging positions.

For more about what you’ll learn from the courses in this certificate program, click on the course titles below.

Prerequisites: Introduction to HTML and CSS, or equivalent skills.  This certificate program is meant for the beginning or intermediate programmer.

Required Courses Clock-hours Tuition*
JavaScript: An Introduction 90 $448.00
JavaScript: AJAX and JSON 90 $448.00
Advanced JavaScript Essentials 90 $448.00
Totals: 270 $1,344.00 (plus fees)

Enroll in Certificate

*An additional registration fee is charged in the amount of 20% of tuition, up to no more than $200 per transaction. For a list of all mandatory and optional fees, please see Tuition and Fees.