Java Programming Certificate

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The Java Programming Certificate series is comprised of four courses covering beginning to advanced Java and object-oriented programming concepts, as well as skills using the Eclipse open-source IDE (Integrated Development Environment).  All courses are delivered via the Eclipse-based Ellipse learning IDE and require only that you be online and able to use a browser.

Upon completion of this certificate program, you will be able to:

  • Build Java code that exemplifies the fundamental concepts of object-oriented design, including classes, methods, scope, and inheritance.
  • Create applications in Java that interact with databases, and use concurrency, interactive GUI (Graphical User Interface), I/O and sockets.
  • Develop Java-based software using the Eclipse open-source Integrated Development Environment.
  • Demonstrate understanding of classes within the Java API.
  • Demonstrate understanding of generics and collections.
  • Apply professional standards such as error checking, exception handling, and documentation to Java software.

Upon completion, not only will you have earned a O’Reilly Certificate of Professional Development, but you will also have built several robust Java applications that can be displayed as part of your professional portfolio.

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Prerequisites: You must have basic skills in object-oriented programming in order to complete this series.  You can meet this prerequisite by completing the O’Reilly School of Technology course Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming or JavaScript: An Introduction.

Required Courses Clock-hours Tuition*
Java 1: Introduction to Java and the Eclipse Development Environment 90  $398.00   $298.50
Java 2: The Java Programming Language 90  $398.00   $298.50
Java 3: Java Programming Foundations 90  $398.00   $298.50
Java 4: Java Applications Building 90  $398.00   $298.50
Totals: 360  $1,592.00   $1,194.00 (plus fees)

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*An additional registration fee is charged in the amount of 20% of tuition, up to no more than $200 per transaction. For a list of all mandatory and optional fees, please see Tuition and Fees.