Advanced Java Programming Certificate

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Java is one of most in-demand programming languages in today’s job market. The Advanced Java Programming Certificate allows you to further your Java coding skills, putting mastery of the language within your reach.Earn this certificate by completing two courses where you’ll create applications using many advanced Java programming concepts. Both courses are delivered via the Eclipse-based Ellipse learning Integrated Development Environment (IDE) and require only that you be online and able to use a browser.

Graduates of the Advanced Java Certificate Program will have Java development skills necessary to be an effective team member on medium- to large-scale Java projects.  They will be able to:

  • Apply their modeling skills to represent complicated application domains.
  • Design an event-based architecture based on object-oriented analysis and design principles.
  • Select appropriate classes from the Java Collections Framework to satisfy functional requirements.
  • Explain the reasons for selecting specific data structures or algorithms.
  • Develop comprehensive JUnit test cases to validate the domain models.

For more about what you’ll learn from the courses in this certificate program, click on the course titles below.  Click here to learn about our first Java Programming Certificate, featuring our beginning and intermediate level Java courses.

Here is what the author of these courses, George Heineman, said about what you will learn in this certificate:

George Heineman, author of the Advanced Java Programming Certificate“As a project manager, I’d want my Java programmers to know how to construct distributed applications from the ground up, which is what the first course teaches, step by step.  Once they know that, it would be important to learn how to design for current functionality, while allowing for the growth of new features as a project scales up.  That’s what we teach in the second course. Together these courses round out the skills of a top-performing Java programmer, and form the components of our Advanced Java Certificate.”

Prerequisites: Java 4: Java Application Building, or equivalent skills.  This certificate program is meant for the advanced programmer or IT professional.

Required Courses Clock-hours Tuition*
Distributed Java Applications 135  $398.00   $298.50
Java Data Structures and Algorithms 135  $498.00   $373.50
Totals: 270  $896.00   $672.00 (plus fees)

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