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O’Reilly School Instructor’s First Open Source Conference

Several O’Reilly School of Technology team members had the good fortune to attend OSCON (Open Source Conference) 2014. Here’s one of our favorite recaps of the event by OST instructor, Kelly Hoover:

First impressions

I want to live at OSCON. Sure, I’ve been to conventions before—mainly Star Trek conventions—but hey, I’ve got a few tech conferences under my belt too. This one was awesome. First and foremost: there was Dr. Pepper in the ice bins of soft drinks in the expo hall. To my knowledge, no tech conference has ever offered Dr. Pepper. Ever. They had me at “Hello.” Then, OMG, it got even better. I was surrounded by booths of every Open Source tool you could think of, like Apache, Ubuntu, Drupal, and some that I’d never heard of: Scratch? That’s what I do when I itch, right? No, it’s actually a programming language used to teach children how to program. But wait, it got even better. There were talks from people from Yahoo, Paypal, Twitter, and Facebook. There were talks on video game design, Open Source in schools, and working as a manager in the tech industry. The conference offerings were so wide and varied, I didn’t know where to begin (or end)!

Cool Open Source stuff

People showed off nifty devices as well. One of my favorites was LightBlue Bean, a tiny device that connects your physical devices to the digital world and has endless possibilities to do amazing stuff.

Of course, I was working as well as learning. O’Reilly School of Technology had our first, and—I’ll say it—extremely successful OSCON booth. It was so neat to meet so many O’Reilly School students: the currently enrolled, the soon-to-be, and, of course, our beloved alumni. It’s always great to get a chance to talk with people and share how excited we are to help them learn a programming language. It’s like showing them that there’s a whole new world out there to explore and that we want to be their guides. It was fabulous.

photo 3

Ice cream

How could this get any better, you ask? The highlight of my last day of the conference, and I’m not ashamed to admit it–they served afternoon ice cream sandwiches. These OSCON folks do not mess around. Seriously, I thought I’d died and gone to heaven. Surrounded by Open Source everything, Dr. Pepper, and ice cream sandwiches, why would I ever want to leave?

You can learn more about OST, our courses, and ask any questions you may have about ice cream sandwiches or becoming part of the OST community by talking with our Student Services team. They can be reached at 707-827-7288 or info@oreilly.com

  • Ari

    Alright, sold. I want to go next year!