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Welcome Jonathan “Duke” Leto

Another O’Reilly School of Technology search of the proverbial haystack has yielded success. This time it arrived to us in the form of the latest addition to our faculty, Jonathan Leto. OST has grown rapidly during the past year, offering new courses and serving an ever-increasing number of students. In order to keep up, we needed to find a qualified person who could take over the instruction of our PHP series, as well as lend a hand with our Python and Perl courses. We knew that finding someone to fill all of these roles was a long shot.

Jonathan Leto (or “Duke” to those he meets), is the instructor we hoped to find. He has knowledge and experience in Perl, PHP, SQL, Python, Ruby, C/C++, JavaScript, and then some! He is a self-proclaimed “reformed mathematician” with an advanced degree in Mathematics. He is also an “open-source citizen,” having contributed to many open-source projects.  Recently, he contributed to a project that allows Firefox to use less memory on startup and another project that added a test suite to the CASH Music platform for musicians.

Fortunately for us, Duke enjoys teaching as well. This affinity for education lead him to become active in the Google Summer of Code and Google Code-In mentorship programs, as both a mentor and an organizer. In particular, Duke has an abiding love for that moment when the switch gets flipped for a student as they recognize that they understand a new concept. Those moments are truly amazing.  Guiding students until they reach those epiphanies is the core value that drives everything we do at O’Reilly School of Technology.  Having committed instructors like Duke to guide our students impacts their success profoundly.

Since he began work with O’Reilly School of Technology in September, Jonathan has taken over the first two PHP courses and continually contributes his expertise to the Python 1 course as well. This is just in time for O’Reilly School of Technology, because September was one of our busiest months to date.

And it gets even better: Duke resides in the Portland area, a hotbed of open-source programming, and as luck would have it, it’s also the home of two of our established open-source instructors, Kirby Urner and Ben Hengst. We seem to be growing a serious open-source satellite base station in the Portland community!

We are most fortunate and happy to have Duke with us. Please join us in welcoming him to the O’Reilly School of Technology team!

You can learn a bit more about Duke on his  biography page.

  • Larry Phillips

    It looks like we, the students, at OST are very fortunate in obtaining Jonathan to be on our faculty.
    Welcome onboard, Jonathan.

  • Chris Mathers

    He goes by Duke Leto? Your staff just gained knowledge and nerdiness in one swoop!