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Welcome Elisabeth Robson!

The O’Reilly School of Technology continues to expand. As we do, we know it’s crucial to find the very best instructors and authors out there to complement our team. O’Reilly School of Technology founder Scott Gray was aware that our course development team was in need of a knowledgeable educator to update our client-side courses, and also to guide our expansion into front-end development courses. Fortunately, Scott was familiar with Elisabeth Robson and her work. Before coming to the O’Reilly School of Technology, Elisabeth had worked extensively with O’Reilly Media, producing online training, as well as authoring three books. He described her to me with great enthusiasm, determined to have her author a course for O’Reilly School of Technology. After my first phone conversation with Elisabeth, I was convinced that we’d found our next author. She gained my confidence immediately with her calm energy and deep knowledge of her subject matter.

During our phone call, Scott and I told her a bit about our plans for the upcoming year. In what I now know is typical for Elisabeth, she got started then and there, identifying and securing the most qualified authors for our Mobile Application course (to be released soon!) and our Advanced Java series, while simultaneously writing her first course for O’Reilly School of Technology, Introduction to HTML5 and CSS.

Since that fateful day, she’s lent her expertise to our new Client Side Programming certificate series, and has written yet another recently released O’Reilly School of Technology course, Modern Javascript: An Introduction. In addition, she introduced us to the author who will be writing our two-course series on Object Oriented Analysis and Design and, as if that isn’t enough, Elisabeth will oversee the development of our Ruby series to be written by a couple of the most engaging authors we’ve worked with yet.

I think it’s safe to say that her impact on O’Reilly School of Technology has been huge already, and we hope she’s a part of our little organization for a long time to come. We also hope that you’re as excited about the new and upcoming courses as we are. Welcome aboard, Elisabeth!

  • Elisabeth Robson

    Thanks Kerry, I’m so glad to be here!

  • CB

    Welcome Elisabeth.

    ok, do tell…when is the Ruby content coming out?

    • Kerry Beck

      Hi CB,

      Ruby was released last week. Enjoy!

  • Elisabeth Robson

    CB, thanks! Ruby on Rails will be a while yet, it’s just getting started in development, so later on this year.

  • Manuel Ryan Espinosa

    Awesome . . . I am jazzed about Ruby on Rails . . .

  • http://twitter.com/SmallWebStrat JF Amprimoz

    Ooooh when can we get our hot little hands on a Ruby course?

    • Kerry Beck

      Our Ruby course is ready now!